Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Denver Cupcake Crawl

This weekend I was visiting my sister (Lane) in Denver. Of one of our many adventures we went on a Cupcake Crawl. While I know most people are very familiar with a bar crawl, the concept of a Cupcake Crawl might be new to you. Same idea….even better. The general idea involves walking amongst cupcake locations to sample the goodies and walk off the calories in between (or bike). However, in Denver our locations were quite far apart so driving was required (the unknown weather in February made driving seem a more reasonable course of action).

Our cupcake crawl included three delicious bakeries

First, Cake Crumbs. This was an adorable little shop that had the most delicious little cupcakes (they had full sized cupcakes as well). Lane had the vanilla with chocolate top and I had a mini red velvet. They were the perfect start to our adventure.

Next was Lovely Confections, which won my award for most inviting shop on the crawl. They have a lovely, peaceful store with overstuffed chairs and couch, perfect for curling up and enjoying a lavender cupcake with lemon frosting…how delectable does that sound. By this point I needed some milk.

Finally, my award winner for best cupcake on the crawl was at Gigi’s Cupcakes. To say the frosting on these cupcakes was to die for would be an understatement. The boxes for these little delights were so tall just to fit all the frosting. Ultimately, I had to wait to eat this cupcake until the next day so I was prepared to enjoy (hey, a girl gets full from all the cupcake deliciousness).

A Washington, D.C. cupcake crawl is being planned for mid-March to celebrate Lily’s birthday. It will require walking. So if you have been invited, bring your walking shoes and empty stomach.

Another time I’ll tell you about the boy Cupcake and how he came to get that name.