Sunday, March 20, 2011

Approve/Disapprove 3.20.11

  • Groupon/Living Social: in general these sites make me so happy. I get all kinds of fun adventures…last week I used a deal to Brasserie Beck for some delicious mussels. Up next keratin treatment…update to follow
  • Girl scout cookies: more specifically Thin Mints (aka crack) and Tagalongs (aka heroin)
  • People who comment on my blog (hey, I’m new and a little tiny bit of an attention whore).
  • Wegmans: the quality of Whole Foods, the value of Shoppers.
  • Having already planned my birthday vacation and the countdown on my phone that goes with it. 

  • People who make fun of how slow other people run.
  • Virginia Tech not getting selected for the men’s basketball tournament. Again.
  • A certain online store that offered a 30% off discount the day after I made a large purchase and wouldn’t retroactively apply it to previous order. No worries just reordered (free shipping, of course) and will return the expensive one. Silly company.
  • Shoe laces that aren’t long enough for the shoes they are lacing. I mean I drop $100 on running shoes, the least I could ask for is laces long enough to tie with a bow.
  • Losing that hour of sleep last weekend.

1 comment:

  1. I am a whore for comments, too :)

    Personally, I think any form of running is impressive, no matter how fast or how slow. Screw anyone who makes fun of the speed-challenged people (of which I am one).