Monday, March 14, 2011

One of My Favorite Things..

I have an obsession…I’m strong enough to admit it.  No, it isn’t wine or liquor or men (ok maybe men a little). But what I am referring to is product…beauty product to be exact. They might know me by name at Sephora and I have a small satellite drug store in my bathroom that covers everything from soap to shampoo/conditioner….face wash to volumizer…and everything in between. I’m ashamed to mention body wash and lotion. If it smells good and softens my skin, hair, or slowly developing laugh lines, I want it.

As I sit here typing I am trying to decide what my favorite product actually is. I have to differentiate between that which I love and that which I need (and also love). So I think I’ll do what I just love…Moroccan Oil. (I know, it has been around for a long time and well covered in the blogs but oh well)

This tiny little bottle and a little dab into your hair every time you wash it will literally make your hair so lovely and soft. Over time I determined that if I refill my little bottle from a big bottle it makes it easier to transport and use (and much less expensive if you happen to spill on your mom’s carpet ~ sorry Mom!!!)

This company makes various other products (a glimmer spray ~ ehh no thanks and a deep conditioner ~ nice to have) but this is my absolute favorite.

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